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  • Red Hot Chili Peppers
    in Music game Comment by Sunny May 2015
  • Hi Brian!!!!!! As of today I'm doing Great!!!!!!  Almost feels like celebrating or swing from the chandeliers  I hope I have many more days of feeling like this.  
    in Hi there! Comment by Sunny May 2015
  • Hmmmmm....Let's see well I would definitely have my notebook and pen,  my tablet since it has pretty much all my music and books on there, I got to have my coffee and matches (to roast my food).  lol  for the person I would bring with me that would …
    in Desert Island Comment by Sunny May 2015
  • Electric Light Orchestra
    in Music game Comment by Sunny January 2015
  • Sunny Days - Lifehouse
  • Honeymoon Suite
    in Music game Comment by Sunny October 2014
  • Hi I'm Sunny!  Yes I'm always this cheerful.  Where to begin?  ok I'm 38 mother of a precious 5 year old married for 15 years.  I'm a proud Canadian, Newfoundlander and I'm getting the hang of the different time zones once I remember to add on the e…
  • Believe it or not Black, dark Purple, Dark Green and Dark Blue is my favorite colors.I like yellow because it reminds me of the sun since it's warm and Happy like Me!!!  lol
  • Crinks,  I'm in the same boat.  lolLooks like I'm safe nobody wants to meet me.  I don't have to go into hiding.  lolWho would I like to meet?  EVERYBODY!!!!!  mostly because ye are all so interesting and I would love to place the nickname to the fa…
  • When I was 17 years old and was part of a committee for raising money for our high school grad.  One of our fundraisers was a fashion show.  Being a very shy person my classmates convinced me to take part in that fashion show as a model and I wore a…