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Unrequited Dreams

The wailing melancholy of the wind
A single bird in storm-tossed flight
Dead leaves lifting, swirling, resting
Naked branches moaning, swaying
A heath whereon the stubble, wire-sprung, grew
And she alone, hair chased round her face
Whipping across the sadly-staring eyes
A lost soul haunting this dear waste
Consolation in the vastness of the vale

The well-worn path where they, in blissful harmony, 
Did walk and love, hearts carefree as the drifting clouds
Warm evenings when hand in hand they looked across the inky waste
To where the snaking line of city lights
Danced before their dreamy eyes
Heard the far-off call of some lone night-owl
And breathed the sweetly-scented summer air

But Fate would not leave them carefree thus
One heart it took, released from pain
The other left to mourn and live in grief
With but a memory and a place of
Unrequited dreams



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