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My Walk By Sunny

I love going for walks in my hometown of Fortune.  It's a very small town but it's natural beauty is Unbelievable!  With no words able to do it justice.  There is one nature trail that I do take whenever I get the chance to go.  It starts in our trailer park and campground that is located almost to the end of town and it will lead up to a long dirt road.  During my walk one of the first things I noticed is the smell of the trees, it's really one of my favorite scents with the air being so fresh.  Along the way there would be some wooden benches where you can sit down for a bit to either rest or just to take in the sounds of nature whether it's a bird chirping or a river flowing peacefully nearby.

As, I've reached the end of the dirt road. I'm on the hill know as Fortune Head.  On a good clear day you would be able to see the now deserted Brunnett Island and the islands of St. Pierre and Miquelon from the hill.  Turning away from the ocean I get a bird's eye view of the whole town.  It would always amazes me to see how big Fortune really is when you see all the buildings in different shapes and sizes scattered throughout the town with the glow of the streetlights highlighting them.

I'm standing there overlooking the ocean and taking in the tranquility of the scenery that surround me as the sunsets.  Looking up at the sky I see a beautiful display of colors: red, orange, blue and even purple accenting the clouds, making the ocean look warm to the eye.

To show that the day has ended and the night has begun. I noticed the sky had turned to dark blue, almost black really.  The moon is out, it is full and bright making the stars looking like jewels of the night slowly cooling the air around me.


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