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Desert Island

You are stuck on a desert island( i know an oldie but fun to hear what people say), you can bring 5 things and one person...what ya taking and who ya taking?


  • my Sand Wedge, golf balls, a fishing rod, reading material and  a crate of malt whisky and should I be lucky enough Racheal Riley
  • CatCat
    Posts: 0
    prawn stir fry , bottle of voddy and some coke, ermmm, books and my make up lol. And and The one and only Jon Gorjuschops Bon Jovi for companyy!!!! ; o ) xxxxxx
  • emmmm books -cd player -swimming costume-tims food ti=n opener -----Frankie  miller
  • Posts: 0
    Hmmmmm....Let's see well I would definitely have my notebook and pen,  my tablet since it has pretty much all my music and books on there, I got to have my coffee and matches (to roast my food).  lol  for the person I would bring with me that would be Tom Hiddleston (Loki from the movie Thor)  Oh Yeah "Eye Candy" for sure.  ;-)  lol

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